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Irrigation repair

Have Utopia 360° Irrigation, Landscape Lighting keep your sprinkler systems fully-operational to ensure the health of your greenery. Having a properly functioning sprinkler system is essential to keeping costs down when it comes to your water bill. Leaking valves or broken sprinklers contribute to higher bills as well as over and under watering your grass and plants. Utopia 360° Irrigation, Landscape Lighting helps you get the most out of your landscape by making the necessary repairs and replacements for your irrigation systems. Our experts service both residential and commercial irrigation systems. See our full range of services below. For more details, call our team today at (386) 410-9644.

  • Timers/Controllers
  • Sprinkler Cleaning & Adjustment
  • Sprinkler Replacement
  • Repairing Broken Sprinklers
  • Broken Sprinklers
  • Broken Pipes
  • Valve Locating
  • Valve Replacement
  • Leaking Valves
  • Pumps
  • Rain Sensors
  • Monthly Maintenance Plans

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The Importance Of An Irrigation System

Something that can be easy for many homeowners to overlook is the importance of having an irrigation system. Without the right system for your lawn, you run the risk of over-watering or depriving your lawn of the hydration it needs to thrive. When water levels are off, the result can be fungus growth, brown or bare patches, increased weeds, and other unsightly issues. Don't let that happen to your lawn. Instead, talk with our irrigation specialists today!

Whether you need maintenance on your existing irrigation system, you're looking to upgrade,or you need a brand new system installed for proper irrigation for your lawn and landscaping - We can help! Don't hestiate to reach out and get started making your home an investment today!

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